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Robert LaVita

Director of Real Estate

Since 1987, Bob has been involved with acquiring millions of dollars of real estate transactions for the MBTA and other state and regional agencies. Acting as a state relocation agent, Bob has relocated over 100 residential and business tenants and has acquired over 1,000 residential and commercial properties.


Bob has served in the capacity of ROW Agent, Senior ROW Agent and Assistant Director of ROW at the MBTA. He also served in the capacity of Senior Project Manager and Director of Acquisitions/ROW at a real estate asset firm focused on the transit industry. He continues to provide these types of services as the Real Estate Director at RND Consultants, Inc.

Prior to 1987, Bob was an Office Engineer in the MBTA’s Construction Department. He assisted the Resident Engineer by compiling and preparing necessary correspondence and documentation for contractor/subcontractor claims, extra work orders, cost information and other relevant construction related activities. Bob is a member of the International ROW Association.


  • B.S., Business Administration, Northeastern University




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