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Additional Clients/Projects

 MBTA - Snapshot of MBTA Projects


  • PM/CM South Coast Rail (subconsultant)

  • Station Accessibility (subconsultant)

    • North Station

    • Sullivan

    • Chinatown

    • State Street

    • Broadway

  • PM/CM Green Line Extension (subconsultant)

  • Haverhill Layover Facility (subconsultant)

  • PM/CM Bus Modernization (subconsultant)

  • Orange Line Cars (subconsultant)

  • PM/CM South Side Maintenance Facility (subconsultant)

  • Beachmont Station (subconsultant)

  • Mattapan Transformation (subconsultant)

  • PM/CM Red/Orange Line (subconsultant)

  • PM/CM Worcester Triple Track (subconsultant)

  • Downtown Crossing Station Improvements (subconsultant)

  • Rochester Relocation (subconsultant)



  • MassDOT Highway MSA (subconsultant)

  • MassDOT Rail & Transit GEC (subconsultant)


  • MassDevelopment Trout Brook Urban Renewal Plan (URP) - (Prime)

  • MassDevelopment CSX Site


  • ROW On-Call Services (prime)


South Carolina

Berkley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments (BCDCG)

  • On-Call Engineering (subconsultant)


  • Boston Logon International Airport Residential Sound Insultation Program (subconsultant)


  • City of Brockton (prime)

  • City of Worcester (prime)

  • Charleston County, SC (subconsultant)

  • Marathon, Fl (subconsultant)

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