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RND is a DBE/WBE firm providing our public and private clients with a tailored approach for executing a project from inception through close-out. RND Consultants is a Boston-based company providing comprehensive consulting services to clients involved in transportation infrastructure, real estate development and construction. Clients include government agencies, private developers, institutions, engineering firms and contractors.

Founded in 2017, our goal is to contribute to transformative projects that will spark economic development and growth. We firmly believe there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to project management and delivery. Our team comes from a mix of backgrounds and focuses on marrying technical services with strategic and innovative solutions. Whether it be a large transit infrastructure project or a new mixed-use development, RND's staff brings a tailored and forward thinking approach throughout the project life cycle.

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Committed to improving transportation and economic development through infrastructure


Hold ourselves accountable to deliver superior results


Deliver on our promises in an honest, open and ethical fashion


Inspire others to positively impact society through economic, political, and social improvements

A Note from the President,

People have often asked me, "what does RND (RND Consultants) stand for?". No, the acronym does not stand for "Research and Development," but rather represents the initials of my three wonderful daughters - Renee, Nicole, and Danielle. For me, as a female business owner, it also serves as the symbol for the strong presence women will have in the workplace for years to come.

I have been in the transportation, development and construction industry for over 25 years in multiple capacities. I was named Women of the Year in 2015 by the Women's Transportation Association (WTS), all the while serving as a mother, mentor and supporter for growing opportunities for females in the fields of engineering, development, and construction. Over the years I always contemplated starting my own business, driven by the apparent lack of women-owned businesses in the industry. I decided there was no better time to start a company than now to fulfill an industry need, as well as provide guidance and opportunity for women in the transportation, development, and construction industry.

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Having worked on transportation and Transit Oriented Development (TOD) projects throughout my career, it is my experience that these projects are typically fragmented with multiple competing issues, activities, and interests. This fragmentation results in a lack of communication, focus and management, causing projects to be delayed at a high cost.

RND opened its doors as a women-owned business in January 2018. We address real estate and Third-Party influencers "risks" that can ultimately cause projects to be delayed and over budget. RND's experts navigate these risks by identifying and providing solutions that arise from external influences on complex projects to ensure project schedules can be met. Additionally, we provide management, planning, engineering and construction support services for these projects.

RND offers a full suite of solutions to streamline the entire project lifecycle, a one-stop solution, at a lower cost to the client.

Janice Bergeron

President & CEO

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