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RND Consultants, Inc. (RND) provides strategic advisory services to state and local governments, private developers and businesses. We collaborate with our clients to identify critical goals and objectives, identify a path forward with distinct action steps, and establish mechanisms to monitor progress and adapt when needed.

Whether it is advising on last-mile transit solutions, implementing new multi-modal transportation services for a development project, or assisting Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) to achieve their business goals, our team aligns our values with our clients to deliver the most value. We do not employ a "one size fits all" solution to any project we advise on. Our team excels at providing solutions to complex problems.


  • Project Feasibility, Funding, and Delivery Options

  • State and Federal Project Requirements and Process

  • Project Risk Assessment, Allocation and Mitigation

  • Project Implementation Strategy

  • MBTA Community Housing Requirements

  • MBTA Community Housing Advisory

  • Affordable Housing Consulting

  • Public-Private Partnership Advisory (P3)

  • Acquisition & Disposition Strategy

  • DBE/MBE/WBE Management Consulting

  • Public/Community Engagement Strategy

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