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Real Estate

RND provides real estate consulting services to agencies, local and state governments, and private developers on all types of projects, large and small. From identifying potential acquisition targets and alternatives analysis, to conducting title reviews and assisting in the appraisal process, to property management services, RND is there for all real estate needs. Our real estate team has decades of experience in providing essential real estate support that allows projects to stay on schedule and under budget. Our team has the expertise to assist in decision-making at the onset of a project and provide solutions throughout project development to ensure success.


  • Project Management/Program Management

  • Property Acquisitions

  • Owner/Tenant Relocations

  • Title/Appraisal Assistance

  • Eminent Domain Expertise

  • Property Management

  • Third Party Memorandum of Agreements

  • Market Analysis

  • Highest and Best Use Analysis

  • Single Asset & Portfolio Analysis

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