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RND Consultants, Inc. (RND) provides a full range of real estate, development, transportation-related design and construction procurement support services to local, state, and federal government clients.  Our services range from supporting the evaluation of project goals and the selection of the optimal project delivery and financing method, through collaborating with our clients to assist in conducting market soundings and the development of procurement documents for best value and innovative and alternative contracting and public-private partnerships. 
Our services include assistance with identifying and mitigating project procurement issues and risks and developing objective selection criteria and evaluation processes. We help our clients identify critical goals and objectives, develop a path forward with distinct action steps, and establish mechanisms to monitor progress and adapt when needed.  RND assists with the development of Requests for Information or Letters of Interest (RFI/RFLOI), Invitations to Bid (ITB), Requests for Qualifications (RFQ), and Requests For Proposals/Responses (RFP/RFR).
Whether it is providing feedback on scope of work language for last-mile transit solutions, the implications of public-private partnerships, or developing contract and policy strategies for key initiatives, our team aligns with our clients to deliver the most value. We do not employ a "one size fits all" solution to any project we advise on. Our team excels at providing solutions to complex problems.


  • Advise on Evaluation and Selection of Project Delivery and Financing Options

  • Develop Procurement Documents, including RFI/RFLOI, ITB, RFQ, RFP/R

  • Identify Procurement Issues, Risks, and Solutions

  • Develop Procurement Selection Criteria and Evaluation Process

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