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SCDOT: Right of Way Services

Roundabout at Old Kings Highway (Georgetown County, SC)
South Carolina

Project Description:

RND was awarded a three year on-call contract with the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT for right of way services that includes Acquisition (permission only and full), Relocation, Appraisal, Exhibits, Title Work, and Survey/Staking.   

RND is completing acquisition services for the Roundabout at S-22-878 (Old Kings Hwy) and S-22-1018/L-2645 (Riverwood Drive) project in Georgetown County that will help improve congestion and delays along this corridor, while improving safety at each intersection for local residents and tourists. This improvement project impacts approximately 9 real estate properties to achieve this improvement. This intersection improvement project is located along S-878 (Old Kings Hwy) at Riverwood Drive (S-1018). RND is assisting SCDOT in the acquisition of approximately nine (9) tracts in preparation for the design and construction of the roundabout as well as coordinating with the SCDOT, property owners, surveyors, appraisals, and the engineers


Real Estate Acquisitions

Professional Services:

  • Real Estate Acquisitions

  • Property Relocations

  • Title/Appraisal Assistance

  • Acquisition & Disposition Assistance

Construction Costs: Varies by Assignment

Dates of Service: April 2021 - April 2024

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