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City of Brockton: Developer Selection Assistance
Brockton, MA

Project Description:

RND Consultants is supporting the City of Brockton in the selection of a developer to develop a currently vacant site near downtown Brockton. RND is preparing a Request for Letters of Interest, developing selection criteria, and assisting in scoring responses from developers for the site. RND will support the City of Brockton and their vision for the site in a Three-Phased approach.

Phase 1: Request for Letters of Interest
RND will write and distribute a Request for Letters of Interest (RFI) for developers to submit to the City of Brockton for the development of the site. RND will develop criteria and submittal requirements such as firm experience, team qualifications, ability to execute the project, exceptional design, program and public realm contribution, financial ability to perform, comprehensive diversity and inclusion program, etc. Once complete, RND will advertise the RFI in the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, MA CommBuys, BLDUP, & BidNet.

Phase 2: Market Site to Developers
RND will utilize its relationship with local and national developers to market the site and spark interest in the development of the site.

  • Develop and refine presentation materials for the site

  • Serve as the point of contact for coordination between the City, potential developers and owner

  • Host conference calls and meetings with RND's bench of developers to market the site


Phase 3: Score Developers and Make Recommendations
RND will collaborate with the City of Brockton to evaluate the RFI submittals and move forward with one or more select developers that match the City's selection criteria for the site. RND will meet with the City to review and discuss proposals. Examples of selection criteria could include:
• Does the firm have the required relevant experience to develop and build on the site?
• Does the firm have a clear process for engaging community participation?
• Does the firm take into consideration sustainability and resiliency for the proposed development?
• Does the firm have demonstrated experience in managing this type of    project?
• Does the firm’s subconsultants have demonstrated experience?
• Does the firm have DBE/WBE representation?


RND is serving as the Owner’s Representative 

Professional Services:

  • Project Feasibility & Feasibility Reporting

  • Property Scenario Modeling

  • Development Financial Modeling & Proformas

  • Secured $120M new residential development opportunities

  • Working with owner to develop City's first commercial mixed-use opportunity ($15M+)

  • Identified $25M Private Equity Opportunity for the City

  • Project Management

Construction Costs: $TBD

Date of Service: September 2021-Present

Completion Date: 2024

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