CSX Site Request for Letters of Interest

Brockton, MA

Project Goal:

The CSX Site in Brockton, MA is a former rail yard for freight rail and is located within downtown Brockton. The City of Brockton performed a master plan study for the site in June of 2019 to evaluate future development possibilities by understanding existing conditions. The City is looking for developers and investors to develop the property. This is being achieved by sending out a Request for Letters of Interest to the public and evaluating responses.


RND is assisting the City of Brockton in developing and distributing a Request for Letters of Interest for the CSX Site. RND is also developing selection criteria and vetting submittals based on firm experience, team qualifications, ability to execute the project, financial ability to perform along with others. RND is also utilizing its relationship with local and national developers to market the CSX Site. The Site sits within one of the cities Opportunity Zones, aligning with RND's experience in unlocking catalytic development sites in Opportunity Zones.