Transit-Oriented Development Overlay

Medford, MA

Project Goal: 

A private client with real property in Medford, MA in close proximity to the ongoing Green Line Extension project was seeking to develop their site. The client desired to pursue a mixed-use project on their property that is consistent with the mission and goals of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) promoted by state government in Massachusetts for development projects adjacent or within one quarter mile of train and subway stations.


RND assisted the client to achieve their goals for the site through the teams experience with TOD. RND's scope of work during the site zoning and planning phase included investigating the City of Medford's zoning and proposed TOD zoning requirements, market research along the GLX corridor to gauge competitiveness of the development, preparation of site plans, and meetings with the City to discuss the potential TOD zone and site plans. RND also assisted the client with design phase services. RND leveraged its experience with TOD and local municipalities to maximize the potential of this development site for the client.