MBTA: Bus Facility Modernization


Project Goal: 


The MBTA's bus maintenance facilities are aging and over capacity, suffering from a lack of major investment over the years. To address this issue, a team was formed to replace and expand existing facilities to support the future bus fleet and better serve the riding public. The MBTA eventually needs to replace or upgrade each of its nine (9) Bus Maintenance Facilities to meet projected demands and new technologies. All existing facilities are near or above capacity, and all are either beyond their useful life of functionally obsolete.


RND is supporting this project through its experience in real estate acquisition services. RND provides disposition strategy, market transaction reports, and market analysis to assist the MBTA with decisions on each of its Bus Maintenance Facilities. RND is also managing the real estate acquisition and relocation for these facilities. In addition, RND is completing third-party agreements, force accounts and engineering/construction reviews on behalf of the client.