MBTA: Green Line Extension

Cambridge/Somerville/ Medford, MA

As part of the Program Management/Construction Management Team and as an extension of the MBTA Real Estate staff, RND is managing all real estate acquisitions and activities associated with the GLX Design-Build Project ($2 billion) for over 200 properties and eight (8) business relocations. Our staff is responsible for establishing the schedule and budgets, the day-to-day management of the land acquisitions and the Phase I & II Environmental Assessments, contracting with the title examiners and appraisers, and managing the surveyors. This involves working in conjunction with the MBTA Real Estate Department, MBTA Legal Department, Mass Realty Group (MRG), developers, municipalities, abutters, designers and contractors. This includes the coordination of all aspects of the acquisition process from participating in the formulation of acquisition plans, scheduling internal and external meetings, preparing acquisition documents, reviewing and making design recommendations to minimize acquisition impacts, preparing cost estimates, negotiating with abutters and assisting in the negotiations of land damage settlements.


RND is also assisting the MBTA in the Third-Party Negotiations with the stakeholders (developers, universities, municipalities and others) along the corridors and assists the MBTA legal, real estate and other MBTA departments associated with the acquisitions and potential design and operational impacts to the light rail project. In addition, RND manages the Phase I & II Environmental Assessments associated with the real estate acquisitions to identify and address the potential environmental risks with the takings.


In addition, on behalf of the MBTA, our staff is responsible for canvassing properties internally at the MBTA for the disposition of properties along active rights of way (40/54A Permit). Often it requires internal review and discussion with MBTA/MassDOT departments.