BRA: Developer Selection Assistance

Brockton, MA

Project Goal:

The Brockton Redevelopment Authority (BRA) has a vision for the development of catalytic, transit-oriented sites in downtown Brockton's Opportunity Zone. The sites provide the opportunity for commercial, residential and mixed-use development and are eligible for a wide variety of local, state, and federal development initiatives. The redevelopment of these parcels presents the opportunity to continue the revitalization of Brockton's historic downtown with additional residents, businesses and amenities and to improve the quality of live for existing residents and workers. The development of these catalytic parcels will spark further interest in development in Downtown Brockton and add to the vibrancy of a resurging transit-oriented downtown. 



RND is working with the BRA to expedite the RFQ process and allow for a faster development timeline. RND acts as an extension of the BRA staff and serves as the primary point of contact between developers and the City. RND's services include marketing each of the sites to drive development interest, hosting developer presentations, developing scoring matrix and reviewing each presentation to assist the selection committee with developer selection. Once developers are selected for parcels, RND stays on board to continue supporting the BRA by providing negotiation assistance and preparing Exclusive Negotiation Agreements (ENAs) and Land Disposition Agreements (LDAs) for the disposition of land.