MBTA: Gloucester Drawbridge Replacement

Gloucester, MA

Project Goal:


The MBTA is currently in the process of replacing the historic Gloucester Drawbridge. ​This bascule drawbridge carries the Gloucester/Rockport Commuter Rail Line over the Annisquam River in Gloucester, MA. The bridge was originally built in 1911 and was last updated in 1984. Several components of the bridge have fallen into a state of disrepair and the bridge became in need of replacement. The new bridge, when completed, will carry two tracks on independent bascule spans that will allow safer, faster and more reliable commuter rail service to pass over the bridge daily. With the new bridge alignment, there are some adjustments in the overall track alignment needed to allow for a seamless transition from the approaches to the bridge on either end. The new alignment moves the tracks slightly closer towards the waterline along the west approach causeway which demands the installation of a new steel sheet pile wall to support the tracks and retain the fill. 



As part of the PM/CM team for this project, RND is responsible for the construction inspection of the installation of the sheeting wall for permit compliance. This part of the project is critical because the installation is going to be done below the high waterline of the Annisquam River (tidal) and numerous federal and state permits needed to be filed to allow for the construction work. RND will monitor the installation to ensure the project specifications and criteria are met and that all work is in compliance with the permits for the project. RND will be on-site to monitor the installation of the sheet pile wall and prepare daily logs of activities during the installation. RND will work closely with the contractor, designers, and MBTA personnel to ensure construction is done safely and in accordance with the environmental permits.