MBTA: Haverhill Layover Facility

Haverhill, MA

Project Goal:


The MBTA is currently in the process of relocating the existing Haverhill Line layover facility located at Bradford Station in Haverhill, MA. The new, larger facility will be constructed in a rural area along the Massachusetts / New Hampshire border in Haverhill, MA.  

The MBTA intends to move the layover facility currently located in a densely populated residential area surrounding the Bradford Commuter Rail Station. The current layover facility allows for the storage of trains on just two tracks that run adjacent to the mainline tracks and there is limited space for storage of other materials, crew infrastructure and parking. The new facility will allow for trains to be laid over on up to 6 tracks and allow the construction of proper crew facilities and other supporting equipment. The new facility will be located in a rural, industrial area where the noise of operating a layover facility will have minimal impact. 



As part of the design team, RND is responsible for all real estate aspects of the project. RND is responsible for completing the acquisitions for all properties included in the project. This includes title research, appraisals review appraisals, facilitating the taking process, payment, and recording of the process. The acquisition process includes reviewing acquisition plans, coordination with the survey team, attending meetings with the project team, meeting with the property owners to discuss impacts, relocations, and negotiations. RND will obtain appointment of the Relocation Advisory Agency for the project.