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MBTA: Charlestown Yard
Charlestown, MA

Project Description:

The MBTA conducted a Masterplan Study for the 33-acre Charlestown Yard located in Charlestown, MA. As part of the study team RND assisted the prime consultant to research three private properties abutting the site. Research includes identifying property owners, potential value of the property, and conducting preliminary titles to provide the project team with a better understanding of property restrictions and values should the MBTA decide to expand its footprint at this location. RND also evaluated the parcels of land that would provide the highest and best use from a development standpoint.


Real Estate Market Analysis

Professional Services:

  • Property Reference/Description

  • Assessors Information

  • Site Area Map

  • Easements/Encroachments (based on preliminary title)

  • Environmental conditions

  • Adjacent property uses

  • Neighborhood Trends

  • Zoning/Conformity

  • Highest/Best Use or Joint Uses

Construction Costs: $7.5 M

Date of Service: October 2020

Completion Date: Spring 2021

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