MBTA: Downtown Crossing

Boston, MA

Project Goal:


The MBTA is working to improve overall accessibility at numerous stations throughout the system. This project involves the modernization, updates, and installation of new elevators at three locations within the Downtown Crossing station, which will allow for redundancy for increased reliability for accessible access in and out of the station to street level and in connecting to other lines. At Downtown Crossing, the existing elevators will be replaced with larger elevators, new elevators will be added to create more connectivity, and a new elevator installed to replace one that cannot be repaired. The elevators will feature modern systems with upgraded lighting, security, and life safety. The upgraded station will be more resilient and provide more reliable and safe means of movement throughout the stations. 



RND’s primary role is providing land acquisition and third-party negotiation services. This includes researching existing easements and strategizing potential real estate risk as a part of the land acquisition report. RND will coordination with the design team, surveyors, examiners, and appraisers on the project to prepare acquisition packages for the MBTA. RND will also create term sheets based on the final project needs and document and assist the MBTA in resolving key issues, as well as key documents with the MBTA Legal team for memorandums and licenses.