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MBTA: Station Accessibility Improvements

Project Description:

The MBTA is working to improve overall accessibility at numerous stations throughout the system. The work includes providing additional elevators connecting all levels of stations and all platforms to create redundancy in the system. Work at certain stations includes the reopening of abandoned or underutilized station entrances, replacing existing elevators with new, modern systems and upgrading lighting, security, and life safety systems. The upgraded stations will be more resilient and provide more reliable and safe means of movement throughout the stations.


Program Management

Real Estate & Engineering Support Services

Professional Services:

  • Program Management

  • Real Estate Acquisitions (100 properties),

  • Property Relocations (6 businesses/3 residential)

  • Third-Party Negotiations and Agreements

  • Agency/Utility Coordination

  • Utility Force Account Agreements (50+)

  • Engineering Support

Construction Costs: $1.2B

Date of Service: October 2014 - Present

Completion Date: December 2023

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