BRA: Preliminary Relocation Plan

Brockton, MA

Project Goal:


The Brockton Redevelopment Authority (BRA) is in the process of implementing two different Urban Renewal Plans (URPs) in the downtown area of Brockton. As part of the implementation of these plans, a Preliminary Relocation Plan must be prepared for each one to establish a framework for properties that have the potential to be acquired as part of the urban renewal process. The plan needs to include a listing of properties within the established area that are set for potential acquisition, any owner/tenant data for the businesses and residents occupying those properties and a preliminary plan for relocating those occupants as required.  



On behalf of the BRA, RND prepared the Preliminary Relocation Plan for both Urban Renewal Areas. RND was tasked with preparing letters and notifying the property owners of their inclusion in the plan, collecting information from owners and tenants, and preparing the Preliminary Relocation Plans for properties included in both the Amended Downtown Urban Renewal Plan and the Trout Brook Urban Renewal Plan. This process included sending Certified Mail letters to provide proof of receipt of each letter and corresponding with owners to provide proper data collection and answer any questions or concerns. RND acted as a liaison for the BRA with the owners to provide critical information about the plan and the impact it may have on properties located in the plan area. RND included all information in the preparation of the final Preliminary Relocation Plans to be accepted by the BRA Board of Directors and the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).